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Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy – 7 Tips

Why you need a content marketing strategy –

You have to capture mindshare before you can capture market share. Content marketing is a great way to do that. Every piece of content you create is another piece of content you put into the digital streets of America waiting to be seen by your potential customers. Even if you only get an average of 10 views per month for each piece of content, if you have 100 pieces of content out there, that’s 1,000 views a month! It really does add up!

Here’s 7 tips on why you need a content marketing strategy:

1 – Drive down your cost per acquisition and drive up your ROI by increasing your organic reach across search, social and email. The more organic (free) impressions, clicks, and visits you get as a result of content marketing, the lower your cost per lead and cost per sale go, and as a result, the higher your ROI!

2 – Your website will rank higher on Google for your best keywords and phrases. As you post your content to your website and blog, it’s helping pump your website up with fresh, relevant, SEO optimized content that will help you show up much higher on Google searches. This drives up your organic (free) traffic and sales.

3 – Rank higher on Google My Business (now called Google Business Profile) in your local area. By posting your recent content on your Google profile will help your listing rank higher in your local area.

4 – Content marketing helps increase your social awareness and reach (especially via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). A Youtube video for example, could earn new views for many years after it’s published. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! Think of your content on social media like mini digital billboards your customers and potential customers see as they scroll down their digital highway called their feed.

5 – Content marketing helps you stay top of mind in your subscriber’s email inbox. A huge part of your success is driving up the lifetime value of your customers through upselling and repeat purchases and email campaigns that share your valuable content are a great way to do that.

6 – Content marketing builds trust and confidence because it shows you’re a relevant forward thinking brand.

7 – If you don’t invest time and effort into content marketing and your competitors do, you will get passed up.

Bonus tip – the challenge is to create high-value content in a scalable way. I’ve created a number of other videos on that topic so we would get into that today, but check those out!

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