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The Creative influencer: Krutika aka themermaidscales

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When you stumble upon Krutika’s work, you can’t help but be awe-struck by how she expresses herself through her content. Genz’s most loved and relatable content creator has swept the floor with her charismatic aura all while being very serious when she exclaims “Tell your dog I said hi”.

Krutika kickstarted her career on TikTok where she began the process to make people extol for her work. Anime, Kpop, Make-up, and everything “The Mermaid Scales” wants to express was adored. Her aesthetics were loved across the globe, Themermaidsc ales now has a whopping 7.2M followers on Instagram and an Army of 8.16M on YouTube.

Talking about how it all began, she says, “Well, I’ve just started taking outfit pictures. If I had to explain to my 10-year-old self what I’m doing right now, she would have no idea, but I think she would like it. Everyone might think my username comes from a special story, that I love water, or see myself as a water baby. But the truth is, it’s a name I chose randomly without any specific meaning behind it.”

To her, ideas come flowing at night or when she finds herself in a relatable situation. Then, she switch to a third-person view and turn them into videos. Her content can be best defined as entertainment or skit videos. Talking about her aim she says, “When I started making content and reading how others felt about it, I had only one goal—to make people happy. I make sure to influence others positively and shed light on important issues through what I do best, which is making skits.”

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