Google Cloud partner digs into generative AI for marketers

If you are worried that generative AI is coming for your jobs then the recent Google Cloud Next event may have caused palpitations. But don’t worry just yet, as this solution appears to be marked out as friend rather than foe.

Typeface, a generative AI app provider, announced the launch of an integrated generative AI marketing solution with GrowthLoop and Google Cloud’s BigQuery and GenAI Foundation Models to ‘merge generative AI into a single, streamlined workflow.’

What does this mean? Marketers can use the technology to accelerate campaign launches and uphold a uniform brand message more easily across all touchpoints. Generative AI technology can be used in a measured way, the company argues: expedite audience and content creation while retaining brand consistency.

The GenAI Marketing Solution has various weapons in its armoury. The integration with Google enterprise data warehouse BigQuery can enable marketers to create a 360-degree customer view by utilising first-party data from ads, sales and products, while audience segments from both BigQuery and GrowthLoop, can be blended with Typeface’s brand-personalised AI to craft personalised content. Marketers can also create brand-specific content with Typeface directly with Google’s collaboration suite Workspace, including Google Docs and Google Slides, to bring AI content generation into existing workflows.

Typeface and Google Cloud are partners, having announced a ‘major’ strategic partnership in June. The deal brings capabilities to extend Typeface and Google Cloud and ‘make it easy for marketers to utilise Typeface’s content creation platform.’

Abhay Paransis, founder and CEO of Typeface, said the companies were ‘collectively addressing a fundamental challenge enterprises have grappled with for years – the ability to consistently tell their stories and engage with customers with compelling content quickly.’ “Our partnership with Google Cloud and GrowthLoop helps marketers effortlessly merge data insights with creative storytelling, amplifying campaign impact and transforming a handful of campaigns into hundreds,” Paransis added.

AI was the name of the game at Google Cloud Next on the infrastructure side, with significant enhancements announced including fifth-generation TPUs and A3 VMs based on NVIDIA H100 GPUs.

Typeface was not the only company to announce a generative AI for marketers milestone this week. BrightEdge, an enterprise SEO platform provider, announced the launch of BrightEdge Copilot, which enables marketers to ‘interact directly with generative AI as an interactive assistant’, offering advice on crafting compelling, SEO-optimised webpage titles and descriptions.

Postscript: Perhaps part of the reason why the press release announcing the GenAI Marketing Solution was so effusive was that it was co-written by Typeface itself. “Typeface was responsible for generating entire sentences and paragraphs of text augmenting the human capability to create a more enjoyable, elevated collaboration process,” an editor’s note explains. The question now is: who wrote that sentence – a human being, or the AI?

Picture credit: Google Cloud/Screenshot

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