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Condado Tacos CMO Sara Kear on Creating a Strategic Digital Footprint

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Sara Kear, Chief Marketing Officer at Condado Tacos, has embraced the power of social media as a game-changing business tool.

The CMO and team have strategically mapped out Condado Taco‘s web presence, understanding the unique expectations of consumers for each channel.

“We did organic and paid (social media) and then we really went across and just created this rubrics of, what do we believe that our consumers would want or expect from us in these different channels,” said Sara Kear to host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media.

In her role, she believes in empowering everyone to become a marketer, ensuring consistent brand storytelling across all touchpoints. For a company like Condado on a fast-growth trajectory, having a dedicated CMO is essential in navigating the multitude of opportunities in the digital landscape and aligning marketing strategies with the market.

“I really think of my role as how I can empower everyone to market, to talk about Codado in a consistent way,” says Kear. “If you’re in fast-growth mode having someone who can be dedicated to these, you know, the plethora of opportunities that exist for brand storytelling.”

Throughout the challenges of COVID-19, Condado Taco flexed its fast-casual ability, providing customers with a versatile dining experience that combined both in-restaurant and fast-casual elements. Their speed-oriented approach allowed them to adapt swiftly, making their craveable and clean food accessible whether diners chose to dine in or enjoy their delicious offerings at home.

“The speed aspect of our brand was incredibly helpful,” says Sara Kear about the company’s ability to pivot. “Ideally (the customers) are visiting us in person for the first time and then they also realize that we are very fast and that making this really craveable clean food at home.”

Sara Kear’s dedication to empowering her team and understanding consumer behavior has propelled the company forward. Condado Tacos remains at the forefront of the industry, delighting customers and enticing new ones with their unique dining experience and strategic social media presence.



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