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It may not seem like a fun or exciting topic but understanding the inherent risks to your business and how to prepare for them is an incredibly important step that business owners can’t skip. Like Coronavirus preparedness, for example.

Most of the time when people hear about a business continuity and disaster preparedness plan their mind immediately jumps to earthquakes, hurricanes, dogs & cats living together, mass hysteria! And while it’s important to plan for large disaster events like that, ask yourself this question:

If you got hit by a bus and were unable to work for a month, like getting corona virus, would your business survive?

I was at a conference years ago and the attendees were asked how many were business owners. Nearly the entire room raised their hands. The presenter then asked “how many of you could take a month off of work, willing or unwilling, and still have a business to go back to?”.

3 people raised their hands. This wasn’t a small event either, there were a few hundred people attending.

He continued “I’m sorry to tell you that you aren’t business owners. You are the employees of a business that you just also happen to own”.

That’s a dramatic outlook, but it’s not entirely incorrect. And before you grab the torches and pitchforks these were all established businesses, not startups. Startups require a blood and sweat sacrifice from their founders so that doesn’t really apply to them. If you think you’re starting a business so you won’t have to work as hard you’re in for a big surprise!

Step #1 is to do a SWOT Analysis. Don’t know what that is? No problem! Here’s a video to help you get started –

Step #2 Rank your potential risks and create a plan for each one.
Remember – a flood will affect your business differently than a long term power outage

Step #3 Identify your key players
Who is in charge of what aspect to bring your business back online?

Step #4 Prepare your technology
If you can’t access your office/building will you still be able to conduct business remotely? Do you have access to customer/vendor data?

Step #5 Test your plan
Run mock exercises. The power is out! We’ve had a flood and can’t access the office. The CEO caught Covid-19 and has to self-quarantine for a month.

You can’t always prevent disasters but you can minimize the impact to your business by preparing in advance. Remember, in this case an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.


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