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How to Create High-Performing Google Search Campaigns
Creating a high-performing Google search ad campaign comes down to optimizing three things: visibility, clickablity, convertiblity.

Visibility: Pick a search term – Put yourself in the searcher’s mind, what would they search when looking for the products and services you sell? Look at the Google auto-fill dropdown. Target an ad placement in the top 3 spots. Invest enough to earn an 80% impression share.

Clickablity: Put it in your ad – Make sure your search term is in your ad headline so when somebody searches the term is bolded, clearly seen, making your ad most relevant to the searcher. This will drive a high click-through-rate (clickablity)

Convertiblity: Make your search term dominate on your landing page headline. Of course make sure your landing page is professional, has a good call-to-action, is strong on mobile, etc. But simply putting your search term dominate on the page will help you increase your conversion rate because it makes your full funnel highly relevant to the searcher…from search term, to ad copy, to landing page. Plus, having the term on your landing page will increase your ad quality score which will help your ad perform better and be more relevant, thus, allowing Google to charge you less per click.

In summary, for best success follow this simple process: Pick a search term, put it in your ad copy, make it dominate on your landing page. Then, invest enough money so your ad stays in the top 3 positions and runs 80% of the time.

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