Exposing My Social Media Strategy

Exposing my social media strategy. Marketing doesn’t have to be complex. It just has to produce results. And over the years, I found a strategy that works really well for me.


To give you idea, I have over 1 million YouTube followers. I have over 1 million Facebook followers. I have over 315,000 Instagram followers. I have over 440,000 LinkedIn followers. And I have over 430,000 Twitter followers. You get the point. What I’m doing is working.

And not really from a follower count perspective either, I know I mentioned my follower counts, but I don’t try to make them grow. Instead, I focus on generating more leads and sales from social media, which has been working.

YouTube is now our third most popular channel when it comes to driving clients for my ad agency, NP Digital. That’s how I measure success. It’s actual revenue and money in the bank. And I figured out how to get these kind of results from social media marketing, following three simple rules, which worked when I started and still worked today even after all the algorithm changes.

Rule number one, post consistently. See, social media platforms don’t guarantee that your followers are going to see your content. So when you post consistently, you’re more likely to get your followers to see your content. In addition to that, there is no guarantee that your content does well. Some pieces may go viral, others won’t. Some generate hundreds of comments, some generate thousands of likes, and others don’t. In other words, it’s a hit or miss game. The way you get more hits is like creating more content and posting it consistently. Plus, you need to learn from the misses so that way you create more hits. So make sure that you post content daily, literally daily, and you can do it even multiple times a day, but a safe bet is at least once a day and a max of roughly three times a day.

Rule two, focus on your ideal customer and no one else. What I mean by this is create content that attracts more customers, not followers. Followers that are irrelevant won’t make you money. So who cares if they follow you? So focus on the right audience. You do this by creating content that is highly relevant to the services or products you offer.

When I post content about life lessons, like what I wish I knew when I was 18, it does way better than my marketing content from a view perspective and even a like perspective, but you know what? No one pays me for life lessons. So it’s irrelevant. When I create content around marketing tips and strategies, it gets a fraction of the views and like, but it drives leads and sales.

Rule three, genuinely help others. I say genuinely, because if you don’t really care to help others, you won’t. If you care and you really put people first, even if they never provide a dime, it’s a great feeling and it will build brand evangelists. These brand evangelists will talk about you, promote your brand, help you generate the right kind of followers and leads and sales.

I stumbled upon this exact rule, this rule three, about being genuinely and helping your followers 10 plus years ago, accidentally, because I was helping people out because I cared, not because it was good for me. Years later, I quickly realized that I was creating brand evangelists and more revenue. That’s all you have to do.

So if you follow these three rules, you’ll start doing much better with your social media marketing. It really is that simple, even with all the up and coming algorithm changes that are going to happen over the next year or two.

Now, if you need help with your social media marketing, check out my ad agency, NP Digital. If you have questions, leave a comment below. I’m here to help. If you enjoyed this video, like it, share it, tell people about it. Thank you for watching.

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