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Best Brand Marketing Strategy – 10 Tips

Best Brand Marketing Strategy –

Brand marketing is the best kind of marketing. Why? Because your brand name is your best keyword. The more people that search your brand name on search engines like Google or social platforms like Facebook and Instagram the better off you are. This will result in more visitors, followers, sales, customers, subscribers, reviews and more.

The best brand marketing is simple:

1 – Create high-quality content each month (website content, email content, social content) and to stay top of mind organically. Plus, create a really engaging and memorable TV commercial.

2 – Run your TV commercial on digital TV targeting your most convertible audience.

3 – Your most convertible audience goes in this order: friends and family, neighbors, hometown, county, state, country, world. (stay close to home)

4 – Tell a compelling story in your commercial. Differentiate your brand from other brands and inspire people to support you locally.

5 – Run brand search ads to capture all search on Google and Bing for your brand name.

6 – Run retargeting ads to stay top of mind across social and the Google Display Network.

7 – Keep your ad running over and over forever until people have it memorized.

8 – Watch as your brand search volume increases month over month.

9 – How much does it cost? Invest at least $1000/mo, that will generate around 20,000 views of your commercial and drive about 200 people to your brand.

10 – Watch my recent videos on how to write a good 30 second script and why digital TV works so well.

Let me walk you through two example of ways a brand can market to help you decide for yourself what is better. (example explained in video)

Thanks for watching!

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