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What’s the pause power? It’s pausing during the sales process and presentation.

So many salespeople ramble on without pausing.

Pausing is great to add emphasis to a key point.

Pausing also allows the prospect to catch up. Most prospects are training behind what you’re saying by 2-3 seconds. So if you’re not pausing, you’re leaving them in the dust!

Pausing after the prospect finishes speaking is also powerful. It prevents you from cutting them off. Oftentimes, the prospect will continue talking as well which is great. The more the prospect talks the more you make. Talking is a tax in sales.

Pausing allows the prospect to “take a breath”. Imagine you’re holding their head underwater when you’re talking. If you talk straight for longer than they can hold their breath, you kill the deal. Let them breathe. Keep it short and simple.

Plus, pausing allows the prospect to interject. You interrupting the prospect is bad. The prospect interrupting you is good! That means they are engaged!

Good times to pause –
After saying the prospect’s name
After you make a key point
After you ask a question (average time to speak is within 10 seconds – HOLD!)
After you ask for the business (softly)
After an objection
After you answer an objection

Try pausing more on your next sales call and see how it goes! Listen to your calls and note when you do and don’t pause.

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