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How to Find YouTube Video Ideas & Blog Post Ideas That Rank Fast

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How to find YouTube video ideas and blog post ideas that rank fast!

Sometimes the hardest part about content marketing is not creating the actual content, but coming up with good ideas on what to create content about! Plus, there’s nothing worse than creating a great piece of content and it getting no views because it does not rank for anything people are searching for.

So let me give you two quick tips on how to find content ideas super fast that you know people are searching for.

Tip #1 — is to go to Google and search a topic or question around the type of content you’re interested in creating. Then, scroll down to the “People also ask” section. You will see a list of commonly searched phrases which would all be great content topic ideas you could use to create videos and blog posts about. Just click open the last question to get more and more questions.

Then, note the ones you like best and create content about them. Simply make sure your video title and/or blog title exactly match and your chances of ranking are really high! If you don’t rank as high as you’d like, continue to add content around that same topic to build authority and improve rankings. Add to the blog post. Create other blogs posts and link to each other. Same with videos. Create playlists about it, etc. If you do this, eventually you will rank!

Not sure where you rank on Google for certain keywords,

Tip #2 — is to go to YouTube and start to search something in the search bar. When you do this, the auto-fill will show you other similar ideas that are highly searched. Use an underscore before or after your keyword to see phrases that include your keyword in some capacity in order of search volume! Then, pick the topics you like and create your videos with that same topic!

Once your video is posted, you can track the keywords that drive it the most views via YouTube studio.

BONUS TIP — Make sure your title, content, tags, etc. have the exact match topic in the content. Also, make sure your content is very strong and adds value around the subject. Just making the title of your blog or video will not help you rank well if you don’t add value and get engagement.

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