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Why You Need It
So what is SMS Marketing 360® and why do you need it? Well, SMS Marketing 360® is our text message marketing and automation software. But to better understand it, let’s talk about 5 ways you can use text message marketing to grow your business.

Way 1 – Text messages are opened at a much higher rate than email, 98% within 15 mins. So they are great for sending important info, promotions and deals that you don’t want people to miss.

Way 2 – Great for limited time promotions or reminders, filling empty inventory, end of month deals, clearing out excess inventory, etc..

Way 3 – Good way to send build customer loyalty via a VIP subscriber list, send the best deals and get repeat purchases.

Way 4 – Great for sending Educational drip campaigns to your leads and customers to keep you followers engage, in the know and thinking of your brand.

Way 5 – Increases the lifetime value of per customer.

Outside of those 4 ways, there’s many other ways to use text message marketing to grow your business. No matter what you want to text and automate the tool is easy to use and setup.

How it Works

Now that you have some ideas on how you can use SMS Marketing 360® to grow your business. Let’s walk through 4 steps on how it works.

Step 1 – Kickoff call with your Marketing Executive and/or one of our SMS Marketing Specialists

Step 2 – Free unlimited training and support.

Step 3 – Do it yourself free or have us do it for you. You can use your creative time, which we include 1 hour per month or buy more time on demand as you go. We can design, write, manage lists, build automated journeys and more.

Step 4 – Track the results and make changes as you go. Copy, sending day/time, list quality, conversion rates, etc..

Bonus Tip – There are a lot of text message software programs out there, but few are as easy to use, affordable and supported as SMS360. Plus, Since SMS is built into the Marketing 360® platform it makes building automated journeys and lists extremely fast and easy.

So hopefully this video helps you better understand what SMS Marketing 360® is, why you need it and how it works. We’d love an opportunity to earn your business, so don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our Marketing Consultants should there be any additional questions you might have. Happy marketing!

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