4 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Making You Money and How to FIX it

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I made NO money with my first website. And here’s why.

I didn’t know how to make money on the web.

Today I’m going to share with you why your website isn’t making you money.

Reason #1: It’s okay that your website isn’t making you money.

Most people don’t know how to make money from their website.

And, you’re probably using things like AdSense, or banner ads, or rev content, or Taboola, and you think it’s fantastic.

You think you’re going to get paid for clicks.

Well, think of it this way.

If a company is willing to spend money advertising on your website, and you’re usually going to an ad network, who’s keeping the majority of the money?

They are.

The last thing you want to be doing on your website is using ads.
That’s how I started off.

I put ads all over my job board, and I thought I’d make money. Doesn’t work.

Reason #2: You have to monetize using your own product or service.

It could be an ebook. You could sell an eCommerce product and do drop shipping.

You can offer a service like consulting. Whatever you choose, you have to create your own product or service.

Don’t just create any product or service.

You have to be passionate about it, and your users need it.

Run a Qualaru or Survey Monkey survey, and ask them, what problem you can help them solve. They’ll tell you.

That’s how you monetize your blog, make a product that is a solution to their problem.

If you’re not selling your own product or service that could be why your website isn’t making you money.

Reason #3: You haven’t picked the right audience could be why your website isn’t making you money.

So here’s what you need to do to pick a right audience.

Look for all the competitive terms on Google Keyword Planner.

Type in keywords related to your industry, they’ll give you more ideas, hundreds of ideas, and they’ll even show you the cost per click.

When they show you the cost per click, look for the ones that are high.

When they’re high, that means there’s money to be made, and it monetizes. When it’s low, it means that it doesn’t monetize well.

You also need to look for volume. If a keyword only gets ten visitors, and ten clicks, it’s not going to generate you much income.

So you need to look through Google Keyword Planner, on the volume that you can get from all these terms, plus go to slash trends, type in the keyword, and you’ll see if it’s on an upward trend or downward trend.

If it’s on an upward trend, that’s great. If it’s flat, that’s great. If it’s going down, you may want to rethink it.

Reason #4: You need to build a funnel.

The whole purpose of creating a funnel is to let people become comfortable with you and walk them down a path that causes visitors to convert into customers.

You could create a funnel on your website, where someone comes, and they buy a seven dollar item, a product, service, ebook, or tripwire.

Once they buy that, you already know that they’re comfortable, you gave them so much value for this thing that’s seven dollars, but in reality, it should be 50 bucks or 100 bucks.

They feel like they got a steal. They just bought a $10,000 course for seven dollars.

You could even do this with products, too.

But once you get something for seven dollars, then you can sell them something for 50 bucks, 100 bucks, and then you can get into higher ticket items, like a thousand dollars, and $10,000.

The goal with a funnel is to walk them down such an easy and good path, kind of like Groupon that they have no choice but to buy.

An excellent example of funnels with physical products is Orabrush.

Orabrush offers a free tongue cleaner; you don’t even have to pay a dollar. Just pay for shipping. After you buy their free product, and you only pay for shipping, they have upsells and downsells, and that’s how they make all of their money.

If you follow those tricks and tips, your website won’t just have visitors, but you’ll also have those visitors converting into customers.

Thank you for watching, and if you like the tips, make sure you subscribe to my page, or my channel, and leave a comment below with any questions you have, I’m here to help and help you grow and succeed.

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