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The future is here! The 5 new advertising trends to succeed in this Good End

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El Buen Fin vía Facebook

The Good End of 2021 raises scenarios that were expected in the near future. Digital acceleration, a profound change in consumer behavior, reflected in the increase in online purchases, for example, and the end of cookies , anticipate radical changes in the strategic planning of marketing campaigns that seek to maximize opportunities. of the period to serve a new client who values more relevant and coherent messages.

If we take into account data such as that83% of millennials believe that it is important to support companies that share their values (1), or that 50% of consumers affirm that the pandemic made them reconsider their personal purpose and reevaluate what is important for them in life (2), we can infer that today the purchase decision is moving from being one of price-quality to the sphere of relationship, identification and personal connection with the brand

Considering these and other particularities of 2021, I leave you five essential strategies for the start of this high season:

1. Get Ahead: Interest Starts Weeks Before

Traditionally, consumers’ searches to buy during the Good End start from the first days of October.

This is a fundamental part of planning high seasons: take advantage of these periods to attract new visitors to the page by preparing previous campaigns ( awareness ) with the aim of being at the top of mind of your target audiences when you go to the next level, that is that is to say, to the campaign already focused on the sale.

Likewise, you should also prepare your retargeting strategies, that is, those that will show personalized messages to users who have already entered your site and who are waiting to buy during the season. It is essential to keep these types of users close, as it will further expand and engage your prospect base, and therefore, increase potential sales.

2. Bet on contextual customization

Ensuring that brand awareness and commitment to our public increases is today a must , but also that this message is shown through formats that offer a different and each time personalized experience, will be essential. The foregoing can be enhanced through new contextual segmentation strategies, where ads are directed from the consumer’s online navigation routes.

When the algorithms are created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) indicating the comparer’s contexts, a level of personalization never seen before is generated, for example, when personalization and automatic recommendation technologies are linked to the video, these can reach display rates ( viewability ) and completion ( completion rate ) up to 33% and 47%, respectively, according to data from RTB House.

You must prepare your retargeting strategies, that is, those that will show personalized messages to users who have already entered your site and who are waiting to buy during the season / Image: Good End via Facebook

Good technology that helps position ads / content in the context of the consumer will help create a more fluid and enjoyable experience during this Good End, as well as translate into sales.

3. Implement advanced segmentation strategies

The fact of looking at the most specific interests of users, instead of focusing on the characteristics of their demographic profile (age, gender, socio-economic status), is key. Today consumers have very heterogeneous and particular profiles, so the fact of building their own profiles with their habits and consumption patterns often turns out to be contrary to what is traditionally expected for their age, gender, etc. Marketing based on people is a growing trend and it will be reflected in this Good End.

The good news is that advanced AI algorithms can now identify and predict changes in consumer behavior patterns, even the most subtle ones, with extreme precision and speed, enabling ultra-precise levels of personalization based solely on data. first hand, and respecting privacy.

Today it is already possible to determine in real time, the stage within the sales process of each user and recommend the best advertising approaches to capture them individually, along with the content of the ads, based on their personal interests and context, no based on generic demographic estimates.

4. Customer loyalty awaits you

In addition to looking for new clients, it is interesting to recapture those who once were. Both visitors (those who visit but never buy) and inactive consumers (who haven’t bought in a while) are potential audiences. RTB House internal research has found that you can get up to 50% more CTR (Click Through Rate), that is, a greater interest on the part of consumers for the ads that are being shown, among those that have already been exposed to these ads before.

A good tactic to get them back is to use interactive ads. Currently it is already possible to use gamified content (create a game that combines your products with the interests of your customers), how to search for the treasure (product), chat with a bot or even “like” and “dislike” functions within of the banner, allowing customer loyalty with more dynamic experiences.

5. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile: Give priority to the most popular platforms

According to AppsFlyer in Mexico, app downloads increased 30% in 2020, compared to last year, reaching 1,200 million downloads in the first quarter of 2021, while according to data from RTB House in Latin America, during the Black Friday 2020, a date as intense as Good End, mobile platforms were responsible for 61% of conversions and 65% of retargeting revenue, with a CPC 37% lower than that of web display campaigns.

This data shows the potential that mobile devices have reached to generate income during the high sales period, attracting audience loyal to the brand, and with a lower inventory cost than that of the conventional web. If your brand does not yet have a well-structured and revenue-generating application, this could be the opportunity.

The Good End should enhance the creativity of brands to attract and retain customers at the beginning of the high season of this year, it is essential to know the particularities and opportunities of each business so that the planning is effective and translates into sales. for the best start to high season!

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