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5 Easy Social-Optimization Tips to Reinvigorate Your Company’s Ad Campaign

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In today’s digital era, social media has become one of the most important marketing tools in a company’s -growth strategy. It’s so common it seems nearly taboo if you’re a business owner and your company has yet to establish its online presence.

In fact, if a company is going to stand up to its competitors, its leaders must learn to analyze the best practices for performance via the company’s social profiles to help ensure not only the right content is being advertised to encourage consumer interaction, but also that a strict social-media-optimization strategy is set in place. While there are plenty of factors to consider in structuring a proper blueprint, here are five of the basics to help your company execute efficiently. 

1. Optimize your social profiles

Take time to plan around the visual perception of the company’s social profile to encourage a positive impression for the audience. The profile picture is one of the first things someone notices. This should be the company’s logo that promotes brand recognition. Make sure the name of the company is visible on the logo, clear enough to read on all digital formats, including mobile, tablet and desktop. Choose a username short enough to make it easily searchable and try to choose something that is available on all social networks to help make it easier to find online. Lastly, include as much detailed information as possible when it comes to your company bio. This can be the company’s website, contact number, email address and a short summary of what the company offers as far as products or services.  

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2. Optimize your content to ensure it’s quality driven

With the average attention span online continuing to decline, it’s important to make your company’s social-profile content simple and straight to the point. Highlight important keywords in bold, using bullet points and subheadings to help separate topics or supporting arguments, or you can utilize different types of marketing techniques such as curated content, where you get other sources across the web to help market your product or service. By doing so, you establish a domino effect that enhances coverage and reach. 

3. Plan your auto-post schedule efficiently 

It’s critical to find the right time to post your company’s content based on each social network, as all platforms operate differently according to the social profile’s audience and behaviors. Customer interaction varies based on the audience’s location in terms of time zone, the type of engagement options offered via the social platforms as well as posting frequency and how often the content is seen or ignored. When you optimize your posting schedule, you’ll increase the chances of conversion, and if monitored well, decrease the chances of the content being reported as spam.

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4. Track the analytics of your ad campaigns 

When running ad campaigns, it’s vital to track the metrics of each of your company’s social profiles. Optimizing your social-profile campaigns consistently allows you to understand performance more clearly. For example, the measure of likes, comments, reshares, retweets, reposts and video views on one platform differs from those on another, based on each network and functionality.

5. Perform keyword searches and use hashtags

Optimize keywords as they pertain to your social-profile strategy; zoom in on what topics, keywords and hashtags your audience uses to find information about your service, product or industry. Once you understand how your audience searches on social media, this can help optimize your social strategy to drive more people to your profiles. Using social-profile-specific keyword tools and hashtags helps the social-ad campaigns expand your company’s reach and earn new leads, even if the audience wasn’t following you in the first place. 

Ultimately, by narrowing down the company’s social-profile-optimization gameplan to deliver more systematic and structured results, these strategies help produce more concise objectives. By keying in on specific factors and outcomes you’re looking to achieve, these types of goals can be monitored and measured, which, in the long run, make it easier to drive success for your social-ad campaigns and company as a whole. 

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