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Do you want to learn how to sell anything out there? Today I’m going to teach you just that. I’m going to teach you how to sell me this pen – how to sell anything. “Sell me this pen” is a question you will often get on job interviews for sales positions, and you have to know the best answer. Not every sales training out there will give you the answer to that, but here’s mine.

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Now most of you are going to be like, hey Neil, this pen is an amazing price. It’s affordable. And you’re going to go over all these things but that’s not how you sell someone a pen.

There’s an exact step on how you should sell a pen or anything out there.

The first thing you need to do is understand your customer.

Ask some questions, or your potential customer, ask them questions like, hey do you use pens? What do you use them for? Do you find any value for them? Do you prefer pens of pencils? How often do you use these pens?

By asking your potential customer the question or questions around the item you’re selling, it’ll help you understand their motive behind using it.

See you’re not selling a pen, you’re selling the end solution.

Even when you are selling software or anything out there, for example my ad agency Neil Patel Digital, we sell marketing services and we get companies more traffic.

I don’t sell them, hey I’m going to show you how to get ranked on Google or I’m going to get you at the top of Google.

I sell you traffic and sales and more importantly, revenue and profit.

The same goes with the pen. If you understand your customer you will then know how to pitch them. The second step for you to realize is not everyone is your ideal customer.

You don’t want to sell people who have no need for a pen, a pen. You want to focus on your ideal customers.

Being a sales person, it’s not about going after a hundred or a thousand leads. It’s about focusing your time and energy on all of the qualified ones and ignoring the rest.

That’s how you’ll make the most money.

Again, it’s okay to not sell every single lead on the product or service you are selling.

The third tip I have for you is use logic and emotions with your selling.

For example, if I was selling you a pen and you only used it when you were signing contracts, it’d be like, whoa, these contracts, they’re changing your business. That’s history in the making, right?

And you’d be like, yeah, wouldn’t you want to remember these moments by using a really amazing, you know, expensive pen? And they’re like, ah, that makes sense.

On the flip side you can also use logic. Hey, use all these pens when you’re doing home loans or brokerages, your office needs them, you could be buying nice, fancy, expensive pens but we have these pens here that last twice as long and they’re roughly the same price, they’re only 10% more.

People are like, oh, 10% more but they last a lot longer, I’m saving money!

That’s using logic.

The fourth tip I have for you is to use pressure.

It’s okay using pressure to close a deal faster. For example, if you’re really limited in how many people you
can fulfill that month, you can let them know, hey, I can only fulfill two more contracts. We can only take on two more deals or one more deal if that’s not for you, no worries, let me know, maybe we can start the next month after but I would just appreciate the open communication.

Putting pressure is a great way to get people to start moving. And when you’re putting pressure, do not offer discounts. That’s the worst thing you can do.

When you offer the discounts, it’ll crush your numbers. You’ll find that the moment you offer a discount, people will walk all over you and they’ll ask you for more and more.

That’s a key to not just selling a pen but anything out there.

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