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How Entrepreneurs Can Grow Their Personal Brand and Actually Make Money From It

Growth Expert Shanee Moret shares how you can grow and monetize your personal brand.

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Building a strong personal brand can be the key to unlocking your revenue potential and building a community of people who spread the word about your business. But, how do you build a personal brand without spending so much time building your brand that you don’t actually build a business?

That’s why I sat down with Shanee Moret, a Growth Strategist and Founder at Growth Academy. Although she recently surpassed 1 million followers on LinkedIn – like most content creators – she struggled early on. An analysis by Sam Swirsky of Talent Champions Council revealed she got exactly 0 comments on her first 20 posts! During our conversation she shares where her motivation to keep posting came from, and how she helps others build their brand as well.

In this conversation full of practical tips and tricks, Moret provides input on:

  • How and why to create content that provides value to your audience on a holistic level, not just as a potential customer
  • Leveraging data driven insights for gain a clearer understanding of your target audience and content optimization
  • How many times you have to post content before getting your big break (and how to avoid giving up)
  • The benefit and revenue opportunities that come with having a large – and active – social media following
  • Gaining insights from your followers, and turning that information into a revenue generating business 

Watch the video for all these tips and more!

And, if you’d like to hear more from Shanee, be sure to check out her podcast Growthpreneurs by Growth Academy

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