The Sneaky Marketing Techniques Starbucks Uses

The sneaky marketing techniques Starbucks uses to get you to overpay for coffee.

There are a lot of amazing coffee brands.

But Starbucks is worth over $100 billion.

So, what are they doing to get you to overpay for coffee and keep coming back?

First, they use Italian names to make their product seem high-end.

Italy is known for its food. No matter where you go in Italy, you will find delicious pasta made with fresh indigents.

From “baristas” to even the size of their drinks… “venti” and “grande”.

Starbucks is trying to play off that perception.

Second, Starbucks tries to build a connection with each of its customers.

Anytime you order coffee, Starbucks asks you for your name.

When your order is ready, they say your first name.

This helps build a relationship with their customers.

Third, Starbucks doesn’t sell coffee, they sell an experience.

They let you customize your orders and make them the way you like.

They have wifi in their stores so you can sit there, work, or even have meetings.

And they started to go above and beyond with their new experiences found at Starbucks Reserve Roastery, the Reserve Bar, and the Reserve Store.

It’s almost like a theme park for coffee lovers.

And if you hate the brand, you can always go to one of their small mom-and-pop competitors… like Seattle’s Best.

Oh, wait, that used to also be owned by Starbucks. 😉

Whether you love or hate Starbucks, you can always learn from their marketing.

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