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What are the keys to success with Remarketing? | Marketing Tip Tuesday

Grow Your Remarketing Today:
What are the keys to success with Remarketing?

1) Honestly remarketing is one of the best things you can do for a business. Getting the products and services that a customer was looking at previously, getting those back in front of them is the best way to have customer retention.

2) Remarketing on various channels is very important for remarketing as well because you want to be able to follow your users around on the internet everywhere.

3)Another key to success is making sure you rotate your remarketing banners. Having different banners shows that you’re active.

4) It’s the image, it’s the message and it’s getting in front of people that have already been to your site.

5) Successful remarketing is doing it. You want to increase that top of mind awareness for your brand and bring people back to your site.

6) Encompass remarketing with your overall strategy to get the most bang for your buck.

7) Spend more money on warmer traffic like people who have added items to your cart. They’re more likely to convert.

8) Also if there is any chance you can give some sort of incentive for them, an additional incentive for them to purchase or sign up this time then go ahead and do that as well.

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