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How to Use Your Human Design to Effectively Market Your Business

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One of the most effective ways to use human design in business is with your marketing. Designing your marketing strategy around your human design can result in gaining more traction, often quickly, attracting ideal clients easily and creating a consistent presence.

The human design profile is one aspect that is used to help develop a human design synonymous marketing strategy. The profile in human design is made up of two lines that make a profile. For example, the 3/5 profile is comprised of line 3 and line 5. The profile is the personality you present to others. It is how you interact with the world.

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Here are the six lines and marketing suggestions for each that make up the 12 profiles in human design:

Line 1 — The Researcher

Your marketing thrives when you have a foundational understanding of the platform you are on. You have an intense desire to know all the ins and outs before you begin. This can challenge you in the fast-paced marketing world since it constantly changes. Honor your desire to research while also taking baby steps forward.

Seek an expert who can support you in learning the ropes of one marketing channel vs. trying to be and do it all on every channel. Platforms that provide you with long-term stability and a foundation, like a podcast, blog or youtube channel, may be optimal. These platforms serve you well since they are slower to change, and you can become a master of the craft.

Line 2 — The Introvert

Your marketing thrives when you take your innate talents, the ones you take for granted and generously share them with the world. You may take them for granted, but they are golden nuggets of wisdom for others. You enjoy alone time and may find that marketing yourself is a challenge.

Marketing that allows you to show up on your own terms without having to put your face on it may feel good to you — for example, blogging or podcasting. Create content around what others have recognized in you as your innate talents. Those things that come naturally and easily to you. Batch-creating content may be aligned for you so that you can return to spending time alone.

Line 3 — The Experimenter

Your marketing thrives when you are willing to take risks and try something new. This could be reimagining how something is done on an existing platform or testing the latest marketing trend. Your marketing efforts can be a playground for you where you try out new ideas and see what resonates with your audience. You are here to blaze a new trail and break all the rules of what “marketing is supposed to be.”

Rethink, reimagine and reconsider what marketing is to you. Reinvent what it means to market yourself. Experiment, have fun, and fearlessly put yourself out there. The wisdom you gain through experimenting provides insights for your clients. Through experimentation, you determine what works for you and pave a better way for others.

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Line 4 — The Mayor

Your marketing efforts are directly connected to the quality of your community. Your marketing (and success) thrives when rooted in creating a community. Nurturing relationships is vital to your marketing success. While dabbling in multiple platforms or mediums may be tempting, cultivating a community must take precedence.

Carefully curate where and with whom you spend your time — your ROI depends on it. The day you plant the seeds is not when you reap the harvest. Your investment of time in your community will pay dividends over time. Get into the habit of asking your audience, “Who do you know that may be a good fit for x.” Your clients come to you through your network. Honor their contribution by creating referral programs.

Line 5 — The Disruptor

Your marketing thrives when it is clear and concise. You boldly share your clever way of thinking with the world while being specific about what you are here to do. You disrupt the way things have always been done and show the world a new way to be. Your marketing showcases who you are and how you can serve others, leaving little room for misunderstanding.

You may be scared to enter the marketing world, but you must allow yourself to be seen. You create the resonance to disrupt the traditional ways of doing things. Your marketing is potent, game-changing and visionary. You thrive when your voice is heard. Mediums where you can be seen and heard, like a podcast or video, may benefit you. Fearlessly step into marketing with a clear message that incorporates your values.

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Line 6 – Mentor

Your marketing thrives when you authentically share yourself. Marketing can be challenging since you realize how much there is still to learn and never want to share something that may change over time. Yet by simply existing, you show others how to be individuals. Share stories and experiences of your life rather than facts and figures, which may change over time. Use your voice to give life to your story. The medium with which you do that will differ, but by simply being you and sharing your story, you empower others to be more of themselves. Share the gift of you with the world by telling anecdotes, observations, and experiences of the trials and tribulations of 6th-line life. With each share, you impact the lives of those in your marketing ecosystem.

The lines that make up the profiles are just one aspect you can look at when considering a marketing strategy based on your human design. If you want to learn more about marketing in alignment with your design, the Human Design For Business book is available to dive deeper. As you leverage your human design in your marketing strategy, take what resonates and leave the rest.

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