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Finding and recruiting employees can be challenging. But building a winning team is key to success. So let’s break down 7 tips for recruiting great employees!

Tip #1 – You need a great culture.
If you’re a new business find a great company culture to model yours off of. What kind of culture do you want, what does that look like, feel like, sound like, etc.. Culture is key to hiring. Without a great culture the rest of these tips won’t help much. To get you started here’s some tips on building a great culture –

Tip #2 – Build an apply page on your website.
Make sure the page really highlights your culture, team, how life is at your company, etc. Videos are a really powerful way to do this and a great investment! Here’s Madwire’s apply page –

Tip #3 – Build your social presence in your local community.
LinkedIn is a great way to extend beyond your local area and target your specific industry/talent. Share things about your culture, the community outreach stuff you do, your mission, etc.. Now, when you are ready to hire for a new position, you can post about it with a link to your apply page so they can learn more and you’ll probably get some great applicants that align well with your culture!

According to Office Vibe report, more than 75% of professionals are passive candidates who aren’t currently looking for jobs. So this strategy is great because it captures the talent that’s not looking. Which are often the best employees. Job boards are the opposite, they are nothing but filled with candidates looking.

Tip #4 – Get your business listed on Glassdoor and start to build your reviews and ratings.
Make sure to fully populate your profile. Think of Glassdoor like your brand’s culture micro-site. Fill it with pictures, awards, videos, etc. Then, ask your employees to leave reviews so it’s populated with reviews. At annual employee reviews, if they’ve not already left a review, kindly ask them if they’d be willing to do. Be proactive in asking for feedback. This is another reason culture is so important…so you get good reviews! Always respond to reviews, good or bad. The bad are a great way for you to clarify areas of confusion and share your side of the story.

Tip #5 – Ask your employees for referrals!
Nobody wants to refer somebody that they don’t think will be a good fit and work out. So you’re already ahead of the curve. Plus. people work best when they are surrounded by like-minded people. So in an ideal world, you’d build nearly your entire company off referrals. Your culture essentially becomes a huge friend network and family. This really helps with employee retention and satisfaction. Here again, culture is key to making this a reality.

Tip #6 – The obvious ones, make sure to be competitive on pay, benefits, etc.
That said, these don’t need to be the best if you can’t afford it, they just need to be fair and competitive. Make an effort as you find more success to improve those areas and show your employees how much you appreciate them.

Tip #7 – Make work as fun as possible.
People want to be happy and will tell others about it. When they tell others about it, the word gets out you’re a cool place to work. When that happens, you get more applications.

Shout out to Moses M’Bowe for inspiring me to share these tips today!

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