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White-label link building can transform your SEO strategy. It allows you to focus on other crucial parts of your digital marketing or an SEO agency.


You simply outsource your link building to a professional team while keeping full control. 

Sounds easy, right?

Specialized agencies create backlinks for your brand. They handle the entire process, often including creating content and linkable assets.

Why is this important? 

Picking the right white-label link building agency is key. A team of experts will deliver results without compromising your brand.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How to wisely select the best white-label link building services.
  • How it works.
  • What to look for in a service provider.

White-label link building services involve a specialized agency building backlinks on behalf of another agency. The primary agency then presents these links to their clients as their own work.

These services are essential for SEO campaigns but require specialized skills, which many digital marketing and SEO agencies lack.

This is where white-label services come in.

Who benefits from white-label link building:

  • SEO agencies without a dedicated link building team. They need to deliver high-quality links but lack the resources to do so internally.
  • Independent SEO experts. They may need to scale their efforts without the time or manpower to handle link building themselves.

White-label link building services include everything from guest posting to securing high authority backlinks – or, simply, websites that have demonstrated credibility and trustworthiness and are typically rewarded with organic visibility by search engines. The main goal is to boost a client’s search engine rankings through effective strategies.

Here’s why you might consider white-label tactics:

  • Your client demands high-quality links, but your team lacks the expertise.
  • Your in-house team is overwhelmed with requests.
  • You want to offer link building services without the overhead of hiring a full team.
  • Testing the waters with such services before committing to an in-house team.

Professional services allow you to access experts who know how to build effective links quickly and efficiently.

The white-label method involves a specialized agency managing the entire process of acquiring backlinks on behalf of another agency. This allows the primary agency to offer comprehensive link building services to its clients without having to build an in-house team.

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Here’s how a professional white-label link building team operates:

Step 1: Understanding client needs

The process begins with understanding a client’s product, service and goals. 

The primary agency provides this information to the white-label partner, outlining the target landing pages and desired outcomes.

Step 2: Identifying relevant opportunities

The white-label agency identifies the most suitable websites. They focus on sites that align with the client’s goals and industry, ensuring the links are relevant.

Step 3: Creating content and outreach

Next, the agency creates high-quality content. This can include guest posts, linkable assets or other types of content. 

They then contact publishers, collaborating to secure placements and ensuring the content is published on authoritative sites – sites that are helpful, useful and trusted and respected by other websites, people and search engines.

Step 4: Reporting and analytics

Once the links are placed, the agency provides detailed reports and analytics

The primary agency can then present these results to their clients under their own branding, maintaining full transparency and control.

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Here’s a list of only a few advantages you can get from hiring a professional white-label link building agency:

  • Expertise: These agencies hire experienced outreach specialists who know all the ins and outs of getting effective links. Their expertise ensures high-quality results that meet the specific needs of different industries.
  • Connections: Pro agencies have built relationships with trusted publishers and websites. They have the tools and connections to secure high-quality results faster than an in-house team.
  • Quality links: Professional agencies use best practices to get quality backlinks from reputable sources, boosting your SEO.
  • Scalability: A good agency can easily adjust to your requirements. Whether you need a few high-quality links or many, they can manage it effectively.
  • Full service: Such agencies often go beyond just link building. They can create content and offer other relevant services, such as SEO audits, keyword research, and social media management, adding value for you or your clients.

By hiring a team of experts, SEO firms and independent specialists can deliver excellent link building services, improving their clients’ SEO results.

As you may already have guessed, choosing the right team is essential for delivering top results to your clients. 

Here are key factors to consider before making up your mind.

Case studies

A reputable agency should have a portfolio of genuine, successful case studies that showcase their expertise and specialization in your niche.

Look for detailed examples of their past work and verify their authenticity to gauge the agency’s ability to deliver the results you need.


Client reviews provide insights into an agency’s performance. 

Platforms like Clutch and G2 offer scores and detailed feedback from previous clients. Checking these reviews will help you assess the agency’s reliability and effectiveness.

For example, if you search “top link building companies” on Clutch, here’s what you’ll see:

Realistic guarantees

A reliable agency will give you a clear idea of the results you can expect. 

They provide realistic expectations and focus on delivering quality links rather than quantity. Therefore, they should specify how many links they can build and their quality. 

Steer clear of agencies that make unrealistic promises.

Ensure the agency uses only no-risk or low-risk methods.

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These can be, for example:

  • Guest posting: Writing and publishing valuable articles on reputable websites in your niche to build authority and reach a wider audience.
  • Skyscraper technique: Creating high-quality content that improves upon existing popular content and reaching out to sites linking to the original.
  • Connectively (ex-HARO): Providing expert quotes to journalists which can potentially result in backlinks and increased visibility.
  • Linkable assets: Creating valuable content like infographics, videos and comprehensive guides that attract natural backlinks.

Using these methods indicates they focus on proven tactics for building backlinks.

Getting just what you need

Depending on your business niche and requirements, you can get links only from websites suitable for your needs. This helps you maintain control over the quality and relevance of the links being built.  

Many agencies skip this step, but it’s a valuable feature to look for.

That’s why we have it at Editorial.Link.

Note: Once you choose an agency, remember that detailed reporting is crucial. The agency should provide clear and comprehensive reports that show the progress and impact of its efforts. This transparency helps you keep track of the campaign’s effectiveness.

Choosing a white-label agency: Red flags

Knowing what to avoid when choosing your perfect white-label agency will help you make a smart choice and safeguard your investment. 

Here are some red flags to keep an eye on.

Low-quality link building can damage your SEO efforts. To ensure a white-label agency avoids these practices, ask for their methods, request case studies and inquire about their approach to maintaining quality and compliance with search engine guidelines.

Avoid agencies that use link farms, which are sites created solely to host paid links. These sites often have poor content and low relevance. 

For example, Google has deindexed many websites for deceptive link schemes, excessive link exchanges, paid links and other manipulative practices that violate its guidelines.

Similarly, beware of Private Blog Networks (PBNs) and forum links, as they offer minimal to no SEO value and can even result in penalties.

Unrealistic guarantees

Be cautious of agencies that make grand promises, like guaranteeing top rankings or a massive number of backlinks quickly. 

These “pie in the sky” promises are often too good to be true.

Low prices

Quality comes at a price. And obtaining high-quality links requires significant effort and resources.

Attractive offers like “600+ links for $10” on platforms like often result in low-quality links that do more harm than good. So your best bet is to stay away from such “experts.”

Building a solid link profile requires investment; cheap solutions rarely deliver the desired results.

By avoiding these pitfalls, you can select a team that provides genuine value and supports your SEO goals.


White-label link building is a smart move for agencies and SEO experts. It lets you offer top-notch services without overextending your resources. This approach ensures quality results and allows you to focus on other important things.

A good white-label program is flexible and can be customized to fit your needs and your clients’ requirements, making the process smooth and efficient for everyone.

Partnering with a reputable team of experts at Editorial.Link means you can provide your clients with an added service that enhances the work you’re already doing.

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