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Sam Fonseca of Roll-Em-Up Taquitos on Simplicity for Successful Restaurants

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Roll-Em-Up Taquitos and its COO Sam Fonseca follow a deliberate approach to keeping their menu — and business — simple and successful.

“My role is to make sure that our focus is on our taquitos.” says COO Sam Fonseca to Shawn Walchef of CaliBBQ Media. “When you add other things, it actually devalues what we do best. It’s going to take our attention away just even a smidgen for something else.”

In honor of the original inspiration, Mama Karen, Sam Fonseca and team at Roll-Em-Up Taquitos understand the true desires of their customers and strive to surpass expectations with every “Bomb AF” Taquito rolled.

Though they stay consistent to their simplified menu, that doesn’t mean Fonseca isn’t flexible enough to make adjustments necessary to enhance the business.

In a serendipitous meeting with an overzealous customer while working at a previous job, Fonseca quickly understood the importance of listening to customer desires. The customer came to the door early in the morning during a team meeting, thinking the restaurant was open due to the amount of cars in the parking lot.

Sam Fonseca instantly recognized the opportunity to change business hours and attract a new sector of customers by simply allowing employees to fill the parking lot with their cars and opening the doors at 9 in the morning.

Recognizing the immense power of social media storytelling for restaurants, with over 100K followers on TikTok and Instagram for Roll-Em-Up Taquitos, Fonseca has observed a shift in customer behavior. Fewer people these days are connected by shared memories of Saturday morning cartoons or favorite network TV shows, while more are finding connections through social media platforms.

The digital landscape has allowed customers to easily reach out, inquire about Roll Em Up locations, and stay connected with the brand.

“Social media is just this powerful, powerful tool, right, that can reach folks in different countries, in different states.” says Sam Fonseca. “It’s just an amazing marketing tool.”

Roll-Em-Up Taquitos embodies the idea of simplicity by focusing on their expertise, engaging customers through social media platforms, and capitalizing on customer connections. Roll Em Up Taquitos continues to flourish, and Fonseca’s approach ensures that the company remains a beacon of culinary excellence, bringing joy to taquito enthusiasts who come to their locations with high expectations.



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