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Guga of GUGA FOODS on Breaking the Rules of BBQ and Social Media

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Though he has amassed a big following of more than 10 million on social media, Gustavo Tosta — better known as Guga to his family, friends, and fans — did not plan on becoming the star of popular YouTube channels Guga Foods and Sous Vide Everything.

But as Guga learned, rules are meant to be broken.

“We posted the first video (on YouTube), got 20,000 viewers, and then immediately they wanted more. The audience kept asking for more, and then we just kept doing it over and over and over again.” says Guga to Shawn Walchef of CaliBBQ Media.

That creative motivation sparked Guga to make the GugaFoods channel, which has become one of the more popular YouTube channels with over 4 million subscribers. His SousVideEverything channel has nearly 2 million subscribers.

Due to life circumstances and location limitations, Gustavo “Guga” Tosta had to get creative when starting to tell his own story online.

One of the lessons Guga learned on his content journey was the importance of understanding one’s value. In the early days of Guga Foods, he proactively reached out to brands and found that they were already aware of him. These interactions taught him a valuable lesson, one he wishes to share with young creators.

“You must value yourself because if you don’t, no one else will. And it is so important that they understand that.” implores Guga. “Listen to me. You have a lot of value.”

Guga has compiled his unique story and recipes into a book entitled Guga: Breaking the Barbecue Rules. In the cookbook, he chronicles his successes and failures, including the importance of seasoning a steak correctly and showcases his experiments with various cooking techniques like Sous Vide.

“My audience always says every single time: Guga, you have so many amazing videos. Can you just make one video with all your best videos? Can you just put all your knowledge in one thing? And I wish I could, but it would be a very boring video,” says Guga.

“But not in a book! Everything that I have learned throughout the years, doing crazy experiments, good and bad, has been put into this thing. It’s literally my soul in there”

Guga’s journey is an inspiring one that highlights the importance of creativity, passion, and persistence. With his new book and continued success on YouTube, Guga is sure to inspire and motivate future creators for years to come, all while providing great cooking tips and impactful collaborations.



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