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How to Create Video Ads That Actually Sell (and Why You Need Them in Your Marketing Strategy)

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One of the best ways to market any consumer product is through video. Images and text can only contain so much information — with a video, you can tell your audience everything they need to know in a matter of seconds.

If you’ve yet to incorporate video into your brand’s marketing or advertising campaign, read on to find out how it can help you boost your sales.

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Why video marketing matters

  1. Improves conversion rates. Video is a stellar tool because it dramatically improves conversion rates. Studies show that 86% of businesses that use video advertising get more site visits than those that don’t. The reasons for this are varied, but one of the most significant factors is that it holds the shopper’s attention. If your product listing is simply text or complicated graphs/infographics, then you run the risk of a buyer losing interest halfway through what you’re saying. With a video, you can hook them right away and keep them watching through to the end.
  2. Appeals to multiple senses. A video with audio and text overlay appeals to multiple senses simultaneously. It has the potential to create an emotional impact and stay in the buyer’s memory much longer than a block of text. Everyone has different learning styles, but video is one of the most popular learning methods. The same survey from above states that 69% of responders said they preferred watching a video to learn about products and services. If most consumers favor videos over text and infographics, you’re risking losing out on valuable business by not including a video option on your product listing.
  3. Improves brand awareness. Whether you’re selling sports gear, clothing or electronics, nothing stops your buyer from switching to one of the hundreds of other sellers peddling nearly identical products. Your brand is what sets you apart, building trust and recognition in consumers who will remain loyal.
  4. Communicates more information in less time. Video allows you to communicate more information in less time, which is essential for consumers looking to compare your product with a competitor’s. For example, if a buyer is price-shopping online, they will avoid sifting through pages and pages of text to find the pertinent details they need to know about your product. Instead, they’ll likely scan the page for a few seconds before giving up and moving on to the next seller. With video, you can show off your product’s features and benefits in a short and entertaining video. You can even include a call to action that incentivizes them to buy your product before leaving your site.
  5. Shows what makes you unique. Video also helps you improve brand awareness by allowing you to show off what makes your company unique. High-quality production positively impacts your brand by showing customers what they can expect when they buy your product. You can show them the ins and outs of the product, elaborate on your company’s history, and even make them laugh with entertaining visuals, music, and graphics. The more fun your video is, the more likely it is to get shared — 76% of users say they would share a video with friends if it were entertaining.
  6. Builds trust fast. Video advertising builds trust like nothing else. One survey indicates that product videos help 90% of consumers decide what to buy. Because the buyer can’t see or touch your product before buying it, you need something that proves that what they get will be precisely what they expect. A video can provide a great user experience by showing your product in action and from various angles. Video is also more personal than images, which adds to the trust you build with customers. When consumers look at pictures of a product online, they never know if something has been digitally edited or stolen from a competitor. When they watch a video, they’re confident that the company took the time to hire, direct and film a short video about their product. This allows you to connect with shoppers much more intimately than through images or text, creating an emotional connection and making it more likely you’ll elicit an immediate response.

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Tips to create a product video that sells

Now that we’ve established the importance of incorporating video into your marketing strategy, here are a few tips to create a killer video for your product:

  1. Keep it short. Videos should last between 15 and 30 seconds to capture the audience’s attention without boring them.
  2. Have a hook. The first five seconds are vital to keeping your viewer from losing interest. Include your brand logo immediately and try to begin with something compelling that makes them eager to keep watching.
  3. Add captions and music. Closed captions will make your video accessible to those watching it on mute. Background music will add a layer of professionalism and increase the emotional impact.
  4. Don’t get too complicated. Avoid the temptation to go crazy with graphics and sound. Your video should be interesting enough to capture attention but simple enough to be digested in one viewing.

It’s never too late to start creating video content for your product. Start brainstorming ideas for your product video today to create something compelling that will elevate sales and brand awareness to a higher level.

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